Instant online doctor consultation means consulting and speaking to a doctor anytime, in your need, through audio call/video call/chat options. With the help of this service, you can get perfect treatment even without visiting a doctor or a clinic physically. The procedure of online doctor consultation is almost the same as physical consultation. You will get a medical prescription that will contain some prescribed medicines and lab tests for an efficient treatment procedure for your medical problem. At DforDr, you can avail of this service 24 x 7.


DforDr is the best online doctor consultation service in Gujarat. I was worried for my mother, who needed a specialized care of arthritis, but she was unable to move. I came to know about DforDr and with the help of this website I consulted the best specialized doctor, that too at a huge discount offer. My mother is taking the medicines and feels better. I recommend DforDr to everyone who needs online doctor service.

- Vikrant Patel, Ahmedabad

The best part which I like about DforDr is that the procedure is very easy to search, book or consult a healthcare service. I can find each and every history in my account, i.e. when did I book a specialist, when did I order medicines, what lab tests I booked, etc. DforDr is a complete virtual medical care center, because we cannot only book doctors, but also order medicines, book nurses, book for lab tests and much more.

- Niharika Singh, Surat

If you need an urgent healthcare service from a top-rated experienced professional that too at a reasonable price package, DforDr is the best option. I live in Rajkot, and with this app, I can connect to the best and top-rated doctors in India. It feels like they are easily accessible and reachable on need, which is the best part. DforDr is my all-time choice, when it comes to book doctors or ordering medicines.

- Mayank Bhatia, Rajkot

I think booking and consulting a doctor online at DforDr is much more easier and cost effective than going out and visit a doctor offline. DforDr offers a lot of features which makes it beneficial to consult a doctor online from the comfort of our home. Apart from it, this is the best choice for ordering medicines. I ordered the medicine which I was prescribed at DforDr, and I got it at a huge discount, which was unbelievable.

- Neha Desai, Vadodara


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